An assessment of the journey creating my SaaS app - highs/lows and things I learned through the process.
Sooner or later, you will want to take the same action on a list of items. Here is how I set this up with Bubble
Setting up Collaboration on Shared data using Teams can be a challenge. Invitations can be tricky. Here is how I set it up.
Show your customers the best features of your app, for a time limited time.
Let's record what's going on.
Automate some backend data changes, so magic happens, like, magically.
Multiple places with lists of customers becomes hard to manage. Lets consolidate this in a CRM
Offer discounts to incentivise customers to move from your free plan to your paid plan.
just a heads up about my latest paid membership article on Substack
Free plans are cool and all, but lets also add a paid plan so we have business, and not just a hobby
One of many experiments that paid off quicker than expected
Make it easy for your customers to login in your Bubble app, using their existing Facebook account